I’ve been training with Sue for six months now. Since I started with her I feel that for the first time my horse and I have a proper partnership. I had become confused about what I needed to do in training to improve and the consequence was an even more confused horse! Sue helped me understand where I needed to be heading and how to get there. Frodo and I now have a much better bond and work together as a team. Sue also helped me buy my super new horse and I’m looking forward to her helping us forge a partnership
Vickie Archer – Sept 2017

I have been training with Sue on a weekly basis for approx 6 months.
Sue is a firm but encouraging trainer with a wealth of knowledge. She is patient and understanding, and incredibly supportive. Her test riding clinics are fantastic and a great opportunity to ride away from home with expert tuition. The progress we are making constantly makes me so excited to see how far we can go on our dressage journey, I am buzzing after every lesson looking forward to the next one. Apart from Sue being an amazing trainer she is also a genuinely really nice person.
Sam – Sept 2017

I’ve been fortunate enough to have trained with Sue for several years. She has helped me and my horses successfully compete from Novice up to Advanced Medium. Sue gives great confidence to myself and my horses. She helps you to really understand the correct way of going which helps with moving up the levels knowing the basics are ironed out. Sue has a wealth of knowledge and is patient and understanding yet still encouraging and dedicated to help you reach your dressage goals. She is a fantastic trainer.
Natalie Brown

Having known Sue and Gary for many years, I decided in late 2103 to relocate from Kent to Gloucestershire to pursue dressage much more competitively. In just a few short months Sue transformed my progress and competition results, helping my young horse achieve many wins and success through to the Regional Championships at Novice and Elementary Open levels. Sue has ability to get the best from horse and rider whilst remaining fair and true to the ethos of the happy athlete.  In the past year I have achieved more with both my horses than in the past 10 and Sue’s training and support has played a vital part in that process. Whether it’s a one off lesson or long term training, Sue will help you achieve your goals, whatever level you aspire too.
Helena Smith

Sue has been my mentor for many years now, and I have her to thank for my lovely talented boy Delano.
Not only did she find him for me, but pursuaded me that I could cope with a just backed 4 year old. When I had doubts and confidence issues she has been nothing but supportive and encouraging. It took a long time for me to get Delano strong enough to be able to canter and even longer to attempt our first competition, but Sue was so patient and supportive to us both. We both knew that Delano needed nurturing slowly due to his size and Sue never pushes us beyond our capabilities and always pinpoints exactly what we need to keep us progressing at the right speed in the right direction. Hopefully I am now starting to realise his potential and do him justice, and reward Sue’s patience and faith in us with some good results. So every time I ride my beautiful boy I thank Sue for putting us together and making us the partnership we are not to mention sticking with me and having faith in me during my wobbly moments!
Kathy Bruce

I have been having lessons with Sue for over a year and find her to be an inspirational teacher, coach and mentor. Her patient and positive approach really works with my event horses- although we occasionally show her some movements which I think are not allowed in tests! I find each lesson a revelation where both my horses and I are pushed to a new level. Thank you Sue for putting my faith back into my dressage.
Penny Sangster

Sue and Gary are a dedicated team devoted to dressage. I have known them for more than 20 years and during all that time they have looked after, trained and competed my dressage horses for me, with much success. They bring huge experience, care and attention to detail in their livery and training.
Jenny Gillett

I have trained with Sue and Gary for several years now. Gary having a talent for backing and bringing on young horses and Sue is excellent with the higher stages of dressage training. Which makes them a perfect combination. I have never been a brave rider but the confidence that they have given me through their patience, genuine love of horses and passion for dressage is second to none.
Gilli Fry

Sue arrived in Kent many years ago and I was looking for some magic to be put back into my flat work. I saw an advert in a local paper claiming to train people up to PSG. I had a natter with some local riders and we dared each other to book a lesson. I took with me a very strict agenda for the lesson – we actually worked on Novice 35 (no longer available) and how to ride it. Sue was totally gracious and very convincing. I found my magic and have had as many lessons as I can afford ever since. She is patient but firm and knows exactly what she wants from both me and my horses. She helped me tremendously with a lazy thoroughbred event horse and is now training me with a little danish warmblood dressage horse. She puts up with all my tears, frustrations and silly excuses but never lets me ‘off the hook’. I go home convinced we can float on air. I wish I could have lessons every day but I always have heaps of ‘homework’ to help progress until the next lesson. Both Sue and Gary have got used to my sense of humour and share my highs and lows. I feel they both understand my passion for my horse and his training at what ever level that may be. Sue is incredibly supportive and I never feel ‘novice’ or stupid and for that I am always grateful.
Jo Jones (and Bramwell)